Holy Family Home Makati Foundation Inc.

The Holy Family Home Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization managed by the Congregation of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family, a Congregation with Franciscan Amigonian Spirituality. Holy Family Home provides long-term residential care, protection, and rehabilitation for over 30 abandoned, neglected, orphaned, and physically abused girls. The foundation aims to give the girls under its care with complete service that caters to the personal, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. The foundation measures its success with its ability to mold the girls residing in the home into socially functioning individuals.

Major Programs of the Holy Family Home:


The home life program provides each and every child with a loving home environment where they have the security, comfort, and care that they need and deserve. The program also provides basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing in a true home atmosphere where the girls can experience family life.


The education program returns or sends the children to school or, when it is no longer possible, provides them with alternative education that will give them skills for regular and sustainable employment. All children also receive after-school tutoring—especially those having academic difficulties.


The medical and health program provides medical and dental care and the requisites for a healthy and vigorous life like proper nutrition, personal hygiene, and ample sleep.