Message of those Helping us. Annual Report 2012

Our family has come to know the girls’ stories: what their lives were like before they came to Holy Family, the wounds they are trying to heal, and the hurdles that they’re overcoming. Volunteering for Holy Family reminds us of God’s blessings in our own lives. A famous (Protestant) journalist once quipped that the two [...]

Ate Precy’s Message for Annual Report 2012

Holy Family Home is my home and the girls and the sisters are my family. I’m very thankful that I found Holy Family Home. I feel at peace when I’m here. I am also thankful for the sincerity of all the sisters in guiding the girls. I am thankful because they send the girls to [...]

Message of Girls on Annual Report 2012

Holy Family Home plays a significant role in my life. For thirteen years that I’ve been here with the sisters and with the girls, I really felt that Holy Family Home is the home that I’ve been longing for. I wouldn’t now what am I and where would I’d be right now if not because [...]

Message of Sister Luz on Annual Report 2012

Greetings of love and peace to all our dearest friends and benefactors! Being with our girls, seeing them grow in faith and doing our very best to make each day for them a day closer to their dreams have been our way of life in Holy Family Home. Each of our girls are so unique [...]

Message of Ate Flora for Annual Report 2011

When I started working in Holy Family Home, my perception in life on how to work and interact with the girls coming from various backgrounds and personalities has become widened and spiritual. Being with the girls is very challenging and I have learned different approaches from them, but these girls are so amazing and wonderful [...]

Girl’s Messages on Annual Report 2011

My name is Everlyn Mahait. I am 19 years old. I am 3rd child among the 11 siblings. My life started to become difficult when my father left us. I used to be a working student for my family. I had to stop studying and instead focus on my work as a house helper. I [...]

Sister Luz Message on Annual Report 2011

My dearest Sisters, Staff, Girls, Benefactors and Friends! May the Lord give you Peace! 2011 has ended and we have our hearts full of gratitude for the wonderful moments we experience this year in Holy Family Home. Every day has been a new beginning, a new challenge and a new opportunity. We had lived to [...]

My Experience in Holy Family Home

Greetings! I am Vernaleen S. Villegas and I used to live at the Holy Family Home Makati Foundation, where disadvantaged children like me are given shelter and nurtured. I have been a beneficiary of the foundation since I was in first year high school. My Father died when I was 12 years old, due to [...]