Girl’s Messages on Annual Report 2011

My name is Everlyn Mahait. I am 19 years old. I am 3rd child among the 11 siblings. My life started to become difficult when my father left us. I used to be a working student for my family.

I had to stop studying and instead focus on my work as a house helper. I wanted to help my family, but It seems my efforts are not really that enough to bring much change. I know that life is not easy. I said to myself that if miracle is really true, then my life could be freed from much suffering too.

Indeed, God never leave us. He has His plans for all of us, and that always fall in the right time. My mother decided to bring us to an institution for us to have a better life. I know that it was hard for her, but we must do this for each other. I am glad that my younger sister, Erica Mae is also with me here at Holy Family Home. I am so blessed to be part of Holy Family Home. I experienced a lot of things that made me stronger in life, but my stay here in HFHF is the most life-changing among them. Here I found love, happiness, and hope. It is in here that I continue to dream again. In my four years of living with the sisters and the girls, I know I also had made mistakes, and I learned from them. I value every opportunity I received from Holy Family Home and I am very thankful for all their understanding, patience and love I freely received from the sisters, the staff and the girls. Truly, there is miracle, and it is God who makes what seems to be impossible a reality too.

-Everlyn Mahait

Holy Family Home is my home. It is a home helping children like me to study well and to learn many things in life. I thank the sisters and all the people here for sending me to school and wanting me to finish my studies. Because of them, I become motivated to do my best and to give my efforts wholeheartedly in what I am doing. The sisters and the staff are so helpful. They also give us strength to go on in our lives. They teach us positive values and discipline us with love and care. Truly, this is a home God has given me.

-Marilou Ladiao

Looking back to my life when I was not yet with the sisters, I had never imagined myself finishing my studies. I had never thought that I could really help my family. I don’t know how it is to feel fulfilled about what I had done and what I can still do. Being able to live with the sisters and the girls has enormously changed my life. I am truly blessed to have them.

Holy Family Home means a lot to me because it has molded me to become who I am now. Here, I had learned to value time and resources. I was able to appreciate life and all the things given to me and to us by the sisters and the benefactors. I was able to learn positive values. I was being motivated and encouraged by the sisters and the staff to do my best and to be a good person. Wherever I go in life, wherever my dreams would take me, I know that I will always be guided by what I learned in Holy Family Home. God is really so good to make Holy Family Home an important part of my journey here on Earth. Without this home, I could not imagine how my life would have been and will be.

Vernaleen S. Villegas