My Experience in Holy Family Home

Greetings! I am Vernaleen S. Villegas and I used to live at the Holy Family Home Makati Foundation, where disadvantaged children like me are given shelter and nurtured.

I have been a beneficiary of the foundation since I was in first year high school. My Father died when I was 12 years old, due to kidney disease and during this time, my mother had no permanent job and she had no way of supporting me and my siblings. This led her to send me to live in Holy Family Home. I willingly accepted this as I thought that it would be better for me to live there. Even if I knew that it would be hard for me to live apart from my family, I was consoled by the fact that being in Holy Family Home would give me a better future and i would be able to help my family. The moment I arrived in Holy Family, the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters treated me as their family and they gave me loving attention, which helped me get through my deep longing to be with my family. They taught me values, they developed my strengths, and above all, that they taught me to have a relationship with God. Armed with all of these, I have become a better person.

Holy Family Home supported my education until I was able to finish a vocational course in Telecom Access Network Technolgy at the University of Makati, last April 2010.

Through Holy family Home, I was able to take another step towards achieving my dreams. Now, I know that I have to face life’s hard realities but with the lessons I have learned from Holy Family Home on how to face problems with confidence, I know I’ll get through them. I am also confident that with every failure I will face, I will be able to pick myself up every time.

I also learned a lot of household chores while I was in Holy Family Home like cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and washing the dishes. I also had a tutor who helped me with my homework.

We also went to the different places which I enjoyed so much because it helped me to relax and expand my mind. In Holy Family Home, I found my second family. I will never forget my mother in Holy Family Home and all the sisters that helped me to be a better person in so many ways.