Message of Ate Flora for Annual Report 2011

When I started working in Holy Family Home, my perception in life on how to work and interact with the girls coming from various backgrounds and personalities has become widened and spiritual. Being with the girls is very challenging and I have learned different approaches from them, but these girls are so amazing and wonderful that I don’t really feel that I am working.

There were trials overcame and we have a clear goal in mind and that is to help the girls to become successful in reaching their goals. Our girls here are so marvelous. They have different talents and skills to develop. I really feel loved and protected in this home.

Holy Family Home is a place where we can express our feelings, our emotions and our dreams. We are very blessed to have the sisters who love us.

Here in Holy Family Home learning happens together with the sisters, girls and staff. Each of us is learning how to understand, listen ang give attention. We are working and helping together to solve the problems we encountered in our daily lives. Holy Family Home also shares their blessings to the needy. Here I have seen and felt kindness, compassion and generosity. Here I had known and felt love.

May God’s presence and love continue to work in us!

-Flora Laure

Community Coordinator