Message of Girls on Annual Report 2012

Holy Family Home plays a significant role in my life. For thirteen years that I’ve been here with the sisters and with the girls, I really felt that Holy Family Home is the home that I’ve been longing for. I wouldn’t now what am I and where would I’d be right now if not because of the sisters. I became a better person because of Holy Family Home. They taught me how to be strong in all the challenges and trials that I might encounter. I was able to experience God’s love and had understood my existence because of Him. The sisters are the reason why my life became meaningful. I am not a perfect person but I always know in my heart that I became a better person because of them. For thirteen years, Holy Family Home has been and will be the great home that I always wanted to have.

Hence through this message I would like to thank the sisters and all the people behind Holy Family Home for helping me fulfill my dreams. Thank you for all the support that you gave me and most of all for the love and care… A million ‘thank you’ would not be enough to show how grateful I am for having all of you in my life. I am proud to say that Holy Family Home is my home before, now and always…

Jenny Diaz

Holy Family Home means a lot to me. This home has molded me, my character and my personality. Before, when I was still in the province of Masbate, I felt that my life was useless because I don’t know what else my life would be.  I cannot study well because nobody helps me in facing my problems.  But when I arrive in this house my perception in life changed a lot.

Here, I learned how to value time and appreciate the things that we received not only from the nuns but also from the benefactors who support Holy Family Home. The nuns help us how to be strong, and encourage us to conquer our fears and believe in our capabilities. Here we learned to see the potentials we have. But most of all, the sisters taught us to pray and to have faith in God.

For ten years of living here, my life has changed a lot. I now have things which I could not have before. I really feel that I am important and have purpose in life. The sisters do everything to support us. Here I did not feel that I am an orphan because I have a family and sisters who make my life meaningful. Here, I learned that there are things that money cannot buy such as happiness, sense of fulfillment in life, and love.

Genilyn B. Abejero