Message of Sister Luz on Annual Report 2012

Greetings of love and peace to all our dearest friends and benefactors!

Being with our girls, seeing them grow in faith and doing our very best to make each day for them a day closer to their dreams have been our way of life in Holy Family Home. Each of our girls are so unique and are already wonderful but all of them wanted to reach something and wanted to become someone in the future. Hence, I can confidently say that we live in a home of so many beautiful dreams, and it is these dreams which keep on inspiring us and giving us strenght amidst challenging times. For them to start believing in themselves after some dark and unfavorable circumstances that they have been through is already winning half the battle! It is our joy that through our guidance and your support, our girls have been able to discover their inner beauty and continually enhace their talents and potentials. It is worth rejoicing because it is not all the time that resources, efforts, few heartbreaks and more perseverance can have that power of bringing hope and shaping positive values and clearer future. To be an active part of the journey of our girls is truly an opportunity and a gift from above.

Holy Family Home is not only a home of dreams but also a home of love. More than any material thing we could ever give them is the assurance of our unconditional love for each of them. More than the diploma and the title they could acquire is our deeper desire of educating them of wisdom that they can carry for lifetime and of values that can even penetrate the lives of persons significant to them and people around them.   Through the years, people have come and go and entered and left our homes, but surely, each girl that we have welcomed here is and will be part of our family forever. Such has made Holy Family Home a true home because the love that we have for them is something that we could never cut. It goes on, and it grows for it is a kind of love coming from God.

This Annual Report 2012 is a celebration of dreams and love, put into paper and printed for us to immortalize every memory that we had. But know that this is not the fullness of everything. All that we have done together are so significant and so precious that they transcend and go beyond words and pictures. And you all must know too, that my heart and that of the sisters in our community, the staff and all our girls,  are filled with gratitude and prayers for all of you. May we continue to build more and more memories—until we run out of words and got no more space for pictures! May our love continue to fuel us in making dreams turn into reality in the years ahead.

For all these dreams and for all our love and your love, may God be glorified!

Sr. Luz Maria Buitrago, TC

Holy Family Home Directress and Superior