Message of those Helping us. Annual Report 2012

Our family has come to know the girls’ stories: what their lives were like before they came to Holy Family, the wounds they are trying to heal, and the hurdles that they’re overcoming. Volunteering for Holy Family reminds us of God’s blessings in our own lives.

A famous (Protestant) journalist once quipped that the two most impressive institutions are the United States Marine Corps and Catholic sisters, and indeed, Catholic sisters do wonderful, selfless, unheralded work. Volunteering for Holy Family exposes our family to and instructs us in their example.

When we started at Holy Family, the girls and the sisters were forty or more unknown, nameless faces. Volunteering for Holy Family has turned those faces into friends and an extension of our family.

In Christ’s reflection on the sheep and the goats, he tells us that whatever we do for one of the least ones, we do for him. Volunteering for Holy Family gives us the opportunity to try to live, although always imperfectly, our faith.

-Don Lambert

The Holy Family Home has a very special place in my heart. Almost as soon as I arrived in Manila some twelve years ago, I made contact with the Home through the Latin Women’s Club, which has been its supporter for more than sixteen years.

The girls in the home arrive there suffering from neglect and abuse. Some of their circumstances are too painful to recount. And yet the Home offers them the opportunity to start afresh in life – surrounded by love and care and with the chance of a proper education so that they can become independent, successful and confident members of society.

I have witnessed the transformation of the girls as they grow into young women and embark on their careers. Of course there are some failures, but even those who don’t stay the course will have learned much in their years in the care of the Sisters. Meanwhile, to see the girls who “graduate” from the Home and go on to jobs is truly rewarding.
The Holy Family Home is a huge part of my life in Manila. Through the Latin Women’s Club, we provide financial help, and we also support  the girls through tutorials, outings, planned activities for their free time in their holidays, internships and whatever else we think will make a positive impact on their lives. Working with the Sisters and the girls has given me a real insight into the good and the bad that make up this amazing country.

-Clara Rodriguez  Toze