Annual Report 2011

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Annual Report 2011

My dearest Sisters, Staff, Girls, Benefactors and Friends!

May the Lord give you Peace!

2011 has ended and we have our hearts full of gratitude for the wonderful moments we experience this year in Holy Family Home.

Every day has been a new beginning, a new challenge and a new opportunity. We had lived to the fullest and learned so many things from each one of you and we are excited to face 2012 and beyond knowing that you will still be with us.

Our sucess belongs to you, to each person who has been in contact with us and who has accompanied us through thick and thin. With out you it will be imposible to fulfill our dreams.

Let us continue looking forward, growing together and giving our lives for a worthy cause. The girls need us, for them to reach their goals and in the process, we had realized and discovered through them the beauty of giving and helping.

This year, we started a beautiful program we called as  ”Healthy Holy Family Home.” It is a program for us to evaluate our daily interactions in the home, to strenghten them, to equip ourselves as profesionals, and most of all, to make our house a true Home for our girls and even to the staff, sisters and volunteers.

Thank you again to all of you who helped us to reach this dream. “Healthy Holy Family Home” is not yet done. It is a process— a living one and certainly it will help us to be more effective in our programs and in our journey with our dearest girls.

May the Lord profoundly bless each one of you and let us continue giving our lives for the Home, so together we can offer a better future for our girls.

Today they are with us, tomorrow they will have a bright  future and we can say, we are part of it.

Thank you Lord for the love, care and all the blessings that you gave to us through out the year; to you we bring back all  the Glory and Honor!

Sis. Luz Maria Buitrago, TC

Executive Director