Health & Nutrition

The medical and health program provides medical and dental care and the requisites for a healthy and vigorous life like proper nutrition, personal hygiene, and ample sleep. Volunteer physicians provide regular medical and dental services, and resident educators monitor personal hygiene and proper nutrition.

Dental Services

Dr. Caparas is the dedicated volunteer dentist for the girls. She is the one tasked of taking care of the girls’ teeth and provideing cleanings, tooth extractions, and other dental services. She has also conducted demonstrations on dental hygiene and has given the girls dental kits.

Medical Services

Medical doctors provide home visits to treat girls with common ailments and vitamins and other food supplements are given to those that are determined to be malnourished. Every month, weight and height measures are taken to monitor their health condition. For children who have eye problems, they are sent to an ophthalmologist for check ups and they are given the appropriate corrective glasses.  The center also ensures that all girls receive vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. For cases that require advanced medical attention, they are sent to tertiary hospitals such as Makati Medical Center.